Sanden Intercool Group (www.sandenintercool.com) is designing, manufacturing and trading commercial, professional and retail refrigeration equipment and complete in-market solutions for the beverage, dairy, ice-cream, foodservice & retail store industries.

Sanden Intercool was established in 1990 through a joint venture between Yammarat Refrigeration from Thailand and Sanden Corporation, Japan, a globally acclaimed manufacturer of Automobile Air Condition Equipment, Vending Machines and Refrigerated Showcases for retail stores.

By combining the intelligence and efficiency of Japanese engineering, the innovative mindset and effectiveness of Thai entrepreneurship and a strong commitment to the customer, Sanden Intercool became one of the most well-recognized brands of commercial refrigeration equipment by leading food and beverage brands worldwide.

Being one of the key global suppliers with operations in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and a strong focus to fulfil the requirements of all our customers we continuously strive to sustainably provide the most innovative and appropriate refrigeration systems for the markets we operate.


Sanden Intercool Group flagship manufacturing complex is located in Singburi Province, Thailand and spans within an area of 350,000 square meters out of which 110,000 square meters are covered. Within our mega plant, with overall production capacity of over 500,000 units/year

we produce a wide range of refrigeration equipment including beverage and subzero coolers, various types of freezers, open-front showcases, state-of-the-art stainless-steel fridges and glass (cake) showcases.

In addition, we do operate two “tailored” regional plants in Nigeria and Egypt to capitalize in the benefits of local production flexibility, optimized lead times and lower delivered costs due to import duties.

Sanden Intercool offers a complete range of products that consists of more than 300 models with various configurations (cooling performance, electrical rating, refrigerants and design features) to ensure that our equipment can meet the requirements of our local, regional and international customers and support their business requirements and plans.

Our global footprint includes 29 regional or local sales offices and distributing partners in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe.

In Sanden Intercool Group, we aim to be an established supplier in our core markets by providing durable and easy to operate equipment, highly respected and recognizable brand name, innovative product design and features and highly efficient sales and after-sales support, by:

listening to our customers’ needs and priorities
  1. understanding the market environment
  2. assessing all technological options
  3. applying high quality designs
  4. providing solutions within the “Build for the Long-term” mentality
  5. delivering innovation
  6. working to ensure our customer success in the market
  7. measuring our accomplishment through:
  • Repeating purchase rate of over 85% from our key customers
  • Customer base growth of 5% per year
  • Customer feedback reports


In Sanden Intercool Group we think, plan and work for the long-term success of our company aiming to build long-standing products and solid relationships with all our stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and local communities).

This Strategy is summarized by our Corporate Values:
  • We Care for our Customers’ Success
  • We Value Trust and Integrity
  • We Own the Effort and the Outcome
  • We don’t optimize for the short term, we Build for the Long-term
  • We Respect our People and Enjoy what we Do
  • We Protect the Environment

Our commitment to our Strategy and Corporate Values and our ongoing quest for improvement and innovation was our driving force to get established in our core markets, expand in different business segments and diversify our capabilities, talents, products ranges and revenue streams.


1. Financial soundness: with less than 10% debt financing, Sanden Intercool is one of the healthiest companies in the industry

2. Product development innovation: having developed extensive know-how experience in design and manufacture of diverse cooling equipment configurations:

split & Cassette systems
  • Plug-in & Remote units
  • Glass door and air-curtain models
  • Stand alone and integrated units
  • Vertical and horizontal cabinets
  • Standard and Premium aesthetics

3. Quality: product design for long in-market life time and manufacturing under strict quality protocols safeguard the high-quality standards of our products and minimize the overall total cost of ownership of our equipment

4. Investment Policy: we do invest where our customers are (3 manufacturing plants, 29 regional / local companies and official distributors)

5. Building long-lasting relationships with our customers (ownership mentality and practice)


Our standing as a global leader in commercial refrigeration reflects the passion and commitment of our people within all levels of our organization. Their commitment, expertise and passion drive Sanden Intercool Group’s ability to innovate, develop, expand and efficiently support its consumers.

Respect, commitment, enthusiasm and team spirit are the foundations that support our initiatives, whether we strive for excellent customer service, keeping people safe, crunching numbers or being creative in design and development of new models and customer solutions.

Sanden Intercool Group management philosophy is guided by the principle of actively contributing to our people and the societies in the areas we operate. We strive to create a workplace where people can continually grow and explore, and where employees can realize fulfilling and productive careers.

Besides the direct contribution, our company is pursuing our CSR policy through safeguarding safe working conditions, providing a pleasant environment for our workers, comply with all labor and legal regulations for our operations and products and by supporting and developing our employees.

To measure our status and plan for the future we do participate at international evaluation platform such as the EcoVadis, that allows us to assess our environmental and social performance versus our competitors and the industry and generation actions for improvement.